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In today’s data-driven world, MS Excel plays a crucial role to store, sort, process, analyze and present data. It is one of the most important business skills to learn.

The OntroPlus Excel foundation course is designed to give you the foundation and confidence to work with the worlds most used business intelligence tool. Understanding and working with excel is essential in many different professions and will help you do your work faster and smarter.

At the end of the foundation in Excel course, you will learn how to enter data, organize data, perform calculations with simple functions, work with multiple worksheets, format the appearance of data and cells, build charts, and create PivotTables. Find out how to use the IF, VLOOKUP, and COUNTIF family of functions. See how to use data analysis tools, including Goal Seek and Solver. Discover how to automate tasks with macros, manage data, and more


Getting Started

  • Spreadsheet terminology
  • Exploring the Excel window
  • Opening and navigating workbooks
  • Closing workbooks
  • Getting help

Entering and Editing data

  • Creating workbooks
  • Entering and editing labels and values
  • Entering and editing formulas
  • Saving and updating workbooks
  • Working with Large Worksheets

Viewing options

  • Adjusting zoom
  • Using Freeze Panes
  • Using Split Window
  • Hiding and displaying data
  • Hiding rows and columns
  • Creating an outline


  • Exploring Fonts styles and effects
  • Applying borders and background
  • Adjusting row heights and column widths

Printing large worksheets

  • Page Break preview
  • Working with page breaks
  • Printing multiple sheets

Working with dates

  • Entering date functions
  • TODAY function
  • NOW function Date and time formats
  • Using dates in formulas

Conditional formulas and formatting

  • The IF function Conditional formatting
  • Based on a cell value
  • Based on a formula
  • Identifying cells with conditional formatting
  • Copying conditional formats

List and Data Management

  • Working with lists and data
  • Structure of lists and data
  • Sorting and filtering lists and data
  • Simple sorting
  • Sorting by multiple columns
  • Using AutoFilter Advanced filtering
  • Using custom filter
  • Using Advanced Filter
  • Adding subtotals to a list

Documenting and Auditing Comments

  • Viewing, adding, editing and deleting comments
  • Auditing features
  • Tracing formula errors Protection
  • Protecting a worksheet
  • Protecting cell ranges Using Templates Built-in templates
  • Accessing and using Excel’s templates Creating and managing templates
  • Creating, using and modifying a custom template file


  • Create a chart
  • Exploring Chart types


A basic working knowledge of Windows is required.


You are required to bring your own laptop.


Please select and book the date and time you would like to attend the Excel Foundation course. Morning sessions run from 9 am to 1 pm and afternoon sessions run from 2 pm to 6 pm.


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