Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Prominence on and other search engines is a great way to get noticed by people looking for your product or service. OntroPlus Content Marketing Service optimises content for search engines, publishes it on, and distributes it across social media.

Our content development team will produce persuasive, search engine optimized content, but it is also designed to kick off the distribution for you to get your message seen.

5 things our SEO service involves:

✅ Keywords research – find the terms people use on Google to find services like yours

✅ Content development (text, image, video) – develop useful content for those terms.

✅ Content optimisation – optimise content for presentation and search engines

✅ Distribute your content over multiple channels to highly-targeted audiences.

✅ Post your content on Facebook and other social media networks for complete exposure.

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Your Benefits

So, you get great content, search engine prominence ahead of your competitors and social media distribution.

Your next step:

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