All-Inclusive Digital Marketing

The OnroPlus team have come up with an all-inclusive digital marketing package for SMEs in Nigeria, to generate targeted sales leads, boosting your business growth potential quickly and easily.

Using the power and reach of our platforms and reader audience on, the booster package includes the ‘Four Pillars of Modern Marketing’ (SEO, Social Media, Video, and Email) to drive qualified sales leads to your business and contribute to your success.

What we do for your business

✅ Create a short 30-second HD video from information provided about your business, product, or service ready to share through WhatsApp and social media (including to your professional network on LinkedIn)

✅ Create a one-page SEO optimized introduction to your product and services on *The page will include the video

✅ Share the video on the page, and the video on ‘Social Channel’, to an audience of over one million readers.

✅ Monitor the progress closely, and optimize content elements over 30-days

✅ The assets deployed will continue to work for your company for months to come.

Your benefits

✅ Generate interest in your business, product, and service by improving
brand awareness and send qualified buyers to your site, social channels
and contact details

✅ Dramatically improve your business’s prominence on Google for related search terms, product, or services. Google positioning is vital to capture potential clients searching for your products, or services, with the intent to buy

✅ Capture contact details of potential customers that you can convert to sales now and later, through emails and mobile marketing.

✅ Packages for Every Budget – Call or Email us today to discuss your needs!!

OntroPlus Nigeria - All Inclusive Digital Marketing Working

Example: Alkanes Energy Services Ltd 

Information from the Alkanes Energy website used to create a 30-second summary video that captures the essence of the business offer. The video can be easily distributed across social media and on mobile devices.

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Ontroplus - All-Inclusive digital marketing Nigeria - Alkanes Energy
Google Search Position for Selected search phrase (keywords) using website, video and external articles.

price guide

Our fees for a comprehensive all-inclusive long-lasting digital marketing package including articles, image, video, social media marketing, start at NGN 150,000. Please also review our Video Marketing portfolio to see the range of video options available.

There are no guarantees of search engine ( positions, what we can do for you, with the all-inclusive digital marketing package, is to follow current best practice to propel you ahead of your competitors and in front of potential customers.  

Your next step:

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