We have used the OntroPlus email and website hosting service for over 10 years. The team is very professional and supportive. We have never had to complain about an outage. When we recently needed to upload a new site, they were very responsive to the designer’s queries, and everything went smoothly. I have no hesitation in recommending OntroPlus.

Ládipó Soètan LLM FCIArb
Managing Partner, Siji Soetan & Co

I cannot remember the exact circumstance in which Odafe Sideso and I met over 12 years ago. Still, one thing has remained clear and consistent; he has always delivered more value than we could ever have paid for- from designing our very first website to marketing our products on his ever-busy social media pages and to the technical support of all sorts and the design of more websites as our business diversifies and to the production of smart clips that could help to drive traffic to our websites. He brings flexibility and simplicity to his work, and this makes otherwise exceedingly difficult tasks appear simple. We could not have achieved the kind of success we have recorded without his support. I must say it has been a great relationship of concrete value addition to our business. I will not hesitate for one minute to recommend his service to everyone. 

Dr. Chike Muoguilim
Executive Chairman, Alkanes Energy Services ltd & Alkanes Petroleum & Gas ltd

OntroPlus built my website in line with my specifics, and I was happy with the result. They continue to provide us with great support and reliable website hosting and email services. My interactions with your team have been good, and any serious issues I’ve had have been resolved quickly.

Lape Soetan
Relationship Coach, lapesoetan.com

Wemabod Limited has been your client for over ten years, The quality of service, technical expertise and hands-on knowledge of the web and internet space is a major selling point for OntroPlus.

The response time to issues when they crop up has also been top notch. I attest to the friendly and courteous customer service from your staff, which is a major reason we have partnered this long. The synergy between your team of staff is equally admirable as the customer-facing one’s relay customer issues and desires to the backend team. The high level of professionalism and excellence is commendable.

I appreciate your attention to detail and creativity in the solutions you proffer.

I am happy to have the testimony appear on your site. Thank You.

Adeniji Adeoye
Information Technology Manager, Wemabod Ltd

My Name is Dayo Peters, Managing Partner, Rockville & Co, a Lagos based commercial law firm. As the world becomes a village through the internet, a lot of our work and communications is achieved through the internet – Ontroplus has assisted my firm with achieving its goals. Since our modification in the year 2010, designing and hosting our website and our emails. Prompt and efficient support service by a team of young intellectual professionals who are selling business solutions as opposed to just service. I am happy to recommend the service.

Rockville & Co Nigeria Logo
Dayo Peters
Managing Partner, Rockville & Co

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