Video Marketing: How 8 Images Can Boost Your Business

Are you considering Video Marketing in Nigeria?

Around the world, video marketing has become an important way to attract new business. It is increasing a preferred method for shoppers to get information about products, services and company.

There are thousands of approaches to video marketing in Nigeria, costing from a few thousand to millions of Naira. The key to success is understanding your audience and be clear about your objectives and expectations. YouTube has ‘reels’ of expensively produced, professional videos that have not delivered one Naira to the clients.

Budget consideration for video marketing

Budget is especially essential to small businesses in Nigeria. Remember your budget is not just for video production but also for the distribution of the video across many channels to target the right audience. Video production is only one part of the process for video marketing. 

In this article, we will present a simple method to put together a video with just eight images and a clear message. The technique works for any business, and we have successfully used the technique for clients (Ontroplus offers a full range of video marketing services for SMEs in Nigeria – See Portfolio).

Affordable Video Marketing in Nigeria

Here is a quick trick to create a compelling video yourself with just eight images and a clear message of what you are offering the audience.

The most important thing is having the right images—images that showcase your business and what it can do for your customers. Ideally, you will support the images with text that highlights the benefits that using your product or service has to offer.

Take the below video, for example, which showcases a hotel we made up for this exercise. It’s a simple slideshow that makes the most of gorgeous photography, using text to convey the value that viewers should feel upon viewing it. Finally, you’ll note a subtle element of marketing, offering a video-exclusive discount code along with contact details.

You—or one of your staff—can put together something this effective with the right eight images, text and marketing message, distributing it throughout social media channels and using mobile channels like WhatsApp.

Once your images and text are ready, you can then use a tool like to stitch it all together, upload on YouTube and share on social media.

Simple, right? Well, not entirely: for many businesses out there, there is a significant roadblock. Creating videos can take time, money and productivity away from your company. If you lack a strong social media presence, the impact of the video will represent a low ROI.

At OntroPlus, we don’t just create stunning videos for you: we also bring you that ROI through highly-targeted distribution channels. Our tried and tested media can reach thousands of targeted people with your video in just 72 hours. Better yet, with a professionally-made but affordable video that hits all the right notes for converting viewers into buyers.

There has never been a better time to get your message across through video.

Visit our Video portfolio page to see the variety of video marketing options types we offer to Nigerian businesses.

Contact OntroPlus today and discover how we can give your business a significant boost in traffic and sales… and all it takes is eight images.

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