Facebook: 4 Ways It Can Help Your Business

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How can Facebook help your business?

Social media reaches millions of people every day, and the more popular platforms are well aware of how valuable their website is to companies looking to advertise. Facebook is the most popular social media platforms in the world, and the company makes billions of dollars for its marketing reach. Despite Facebook’s habit of persuading companies to pay to market to Facebook users, there are still several ways that Facebook can improve your business and expand your brand.

Get Real Testimonials From Clients

Internet users are starting to get turned off by product reviews because so many of them appear to be written by professional writers who have never used the product. To help remedy this situation, marketing experts have been looking for ways to collect real testimonials from real customers and Facebook is the ideal solution.

It does not matter how much traffic you get on Facebook, all that matters is that you get customers talking about your product in a positive way. If you see a customer that is excited about your product, then ask if you can use their comment in your marketing and attribute that comment directly to the customer. This gives your testimonials legitimacy and helps improve the image of your company.

Real-Time Conversations With Clients

People are starting to prefer communicating through Facebook over other options such as phone calls and emails. This gives you the ideal opportunity to invite feedback and concerns from your clients, and handle client issues in real-time for everyone to see.

While real-time communication with clients is convenient, you also have to be careful. There will always be those clients that prefer to cause problems as opposed to talking about a solution, and you should only engage those clients in private messages.

Use The News Feed Ads To Your Advantage

Facebook does charge companies for its advertising, but the return on investment for small businesses is pretty substantial. Facebook is going to start prioritizing paid advertising over organic SEO content on news feeds, which means that your small business can pay a little bit of money to reach a lot of people.

It is not necessary to run a lot of ads to get an effective return on Facebook. Well-designed news feed ads that have mass appeal will reach the news feeds of your target audience and bring you back the revenue you need.

Preserve Your Reputation

While your reach on Facebook is limited to how much you pay, the posts you put on your Facebook wall still get great results on the search engines. Reputation management is the process of making sure that there is significantly more positive content seen on search engines about your company than negative content. With the help of Facebook’s incredible SEO power, you can post plenty of positive things about your company to silence the critics who use other online platforms.

Facebook is constantly changing the way it approaches small business marketing, but that is a good thing for your small business. If Facebook did not start to charge for its services, then it may not be around very long. As it stands, Facebook is still the most effective social media platform for your business to use, and it is a cost-effective way for small businesses to get plenty of exposure.


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