Digital Marketing in Nigeria: 6 Useful Starter Terms To Understand

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Before any business owner or manager gets involved in digital marketing in Nigeria, there are certain terms and methods that they should become familiar with. Even if you hire an expert to do your digital marketing, it helps to know the some of the tems of the industry so that you can communicate better with your marketing professional.

We have put together some starter terms that you should be familiar with before the start of any digital marketing campaign plans.

Digital marketing in Nigeria: 6 useful terms every business should know about 
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing Options | ontroplus nigeriaIt is the use of social media website and networks to market your business, product or services. Social media marketing gives companies a way to target new customers based on many different parameters including age, sex, location, job and connections. The most dominant social media channels used for digital marketing in Nigeria include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.   


Video Marketing

Video Marketing Woman | OntroPlus NigeriaVideo marketing is the use of video to promote your business, product or service on digital channels such as social media and search. It is also useful to distribute information on mobile chat apps like WhatsApp. Video marketing format can take many forms including short ad videos, product explainer videos, company overview videos and product overview videos. If done right, for the right audience and with the right distribution plans, videos are a very useful digital marketing tool.  


Search Engine Optimization

Google SEO Search Box | OntroPlus NigeriaSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process and series of techniques used to improve the structure and content on a website so that it gains prominence on search engines like For example, a shoe manufacturer can improve the SEO ability of its website by posting more content relevant to shoes and other topics of interest to its customers. The use of SEO is done to establish a more organic and sustainable presence on the top search engine results pages.


Call To Action

Call to action article image | OntroPlus NigeriaA Call To Action (CTA) is a statement added to the end of each marketing piece that encourages consumers to take action based on the content of the piece. Examples of call to action include Buy Now, Click Here, Subscribe Today, Learn More, Read More, Enter Competition. These are action statements that encourage the viewer to take appropriate action after consuming your content (text, video, voice, image). 


Website Analytics

Website Analytics Article Image | OntroPlus NigeriaAnalytics is the word used to refer to all of the information collected about the traffic that visits your website or social media channels. Digital Marketing in Nigeria and around the world relies on the data to make decisions on the success and failure of campaigns. Digital Marketers use that information to create more effective and accurate keywords. The most popular website traffic analysis tool is Google Analytics.


Email Marketing Opt-In/Opt-Out

article image I email marketing | ontroplus nigeriaDigital Marketing professionals only do direct email marketing to consumers who have opted-in to receiving marketing materials. For example, when a person signs up for an online newsletter, there is a box to click to indicate that the person is willing to receive marketing emails. Marketing professionals also make sure that every marketing piece sent to a person who has opted-in on receiving those materials also offers the option of opting out of receiving future marketing materials.



These digital marketing terms represent a starting point when you are considering digital marketing in Nigeria.


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